Meeting of November 4, 2020


10:00 a.m.Call to orderPat Gaddy, Chair
10:05 a.m.Presentation, University Police DepartmentDaniel House, Police Chief
10:35 a.m.Roll CallPeter Dickerson, Parliamentarian
10:40 a.m.Meeting Minutes approvalPeter Dickerson, Parliamentarian

Meeting Minutes


Elizabeth Baker, CarrieBaum-Lane, Brittany Bell, Adam Bensley, Angela Brisson, Tracy Brown, Shannon Chiera, Bryce Clodfelter, Jill Cofer, Brad Collins, Lori Davis, Bradley Davis, Danny Davis, Peter Dickerson, Jennie Dilger, Dana DiMaio, Helen DiPietro, Michael Domeracki, Adrienne Ellis, Michael Ellison, Neko Everett, John Freund, Pat Gaddy, Pamela Gilchrist, Latoya Giles, Emily Gower, Charles Hall, Adrian Harris, Michelle Healey, Christenna Hutchins, Melvin Jackson, Alicia James, Cathy James, Roben Jarrett, Yolanda Jones, Marie King, Cecilia Lagergren, Gavin Lewis, LaToya Lucy, Arlene Mabry, Kim McAllister, Gwendolyn McKeever, Jameco McKenzie, Meghan Metcalfe, Colin Moore, Nicole Nelson, Rodney O’Neal, Brigette Perry, Jill Phipps, Lisa Pierson, Robert Pope, Alan Porch, Vincent Potter, Sheila Powell, Christina Pucci, Nicole Robelo, Beth Rosen, Ken Roth, Andrew Rotz, Zachary Rumph, Jeff Sackaroff, Katie Sapko, Annaka Sikkink, Janice Sitzes, Jennifer St. Jean, Joe Sutton, Allen Thompson, Karen Visnosky, Jamie Warner, LaShanda Warren, Leigh Watkins, Mattie Webb, Sarah Willis, Erin Zanders


Sean Graham, Ranjani Rajagopalan, Hector Vega, Joshua Green


Ameen Ahmad, Andrea Ramos-Lewis, Ashley Turlington, Cameron Morris, Cathi Dunnagan, Colin Beamer, Dana Petre, Ellen Sanders, Joni Lancaster, Lindsay Batchelor, Oppong Hemeng, Rhonda Greene, Rhonda Raynor, Rose Krebs, Roy Baroff, Sarah Hartsell, Yashmitha Lenin

Call to order

Pat Gaddy, chair, called the October 7, 2020 meeting to order.

Ameen Ahamad, Feed the Pack


  • “The mission of Feed the Pack Food Pantry is to meet the food needs of our campus community with dignity and respect.”

Food Drives

  • Ameen shared a food drive is a great way to bring our communities together.
  • If you are interested, please click HERE to start your own food drive. Or email for more information.

Pack the Shelves

  • Ameen shared this is a way for departments to support the pantry on a consistent basis.
  • Ameen stated in the past, departments have sponsored a shelf and collected physical donations of a specific type of item (ex: breakfast items) each month to donate.
  • Each department will be assigned a shelf and will be sent an updated list of the most needed items in that category each month.

How to get involved as an individual/In Person Donations

  • Donations are accepted during pantry hours Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday 12-6 p.m.

Approval of August 26, 2020 minutes

Peter Dickerson, parliamentarian, asked for a motion to approve the August 26, 2020 meeting minutes. First – Michelle Healey, second – Helen DiPietro; all were in favor and the minutes were unanimously approved.

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