About Us

The Senate is an advisory body to Chancellor Woodson. In fulfilling this role, the Senate:

  • Initiates the review of policies and/or procedures and make recommendations regarding interest/concerns that affect staff members;
  • Receives proposed policies or policy changes from the chancellor for review and recommendations;
  • Assists in the communication of issues and activities affecting staff members; promotes and facilitates staff participation in the university community;
  • Encourages a sense of community among all university employees.


The Executive Committee includes the Executive Officers and the Chairs from each committee and meets on the third Wednesday of each month at various locations.



Christenna Hutchins


The Communications committee provides effective and meaningful communication to all staff constituents to participate and learn about Staff Senate activities, events and university news; helps publicize Staff Senate and its activities; and promotes staff issues and concerns as opportunities arise.

Committee Members

  • Greg Hedgepeth
  • Adriana Lanzas
  • Christenna Hutchins
  • Erin McCrary
  • Coleman Simpson
  • Ashley Stallings
  • Robby Badders
  • Godshen Pallipparambil

Community Service and Engagement

Latonya Boone


The Community Service and Engagement committee is to foster a university-wide culture of service and engagement, promoting high-impact, high-quality community partnerships that are mutually beneficial, innovative, collaborative and accessible to the diverse community that NC State Staff Senate serves. The committee provides advice and support to other Staff Senate committees on matters related to the coordination, tracking/documentation, assessment, and recognition of community engagement of participating staff members.

Committee Members

  • Latonya Boone
  • Donise Benton
  • Matthew Carastro
  • Michelle Haney
  • Dave Herpy
  • Allison Hubbard
  • Megan Millman
  • Tenille Naumann
  • Michael Ellison

Computer Loan Program

Pamela Van Emden


The Staff Senate Computer Loan Program puts computers into the hands of qualifying employees.  The program administers, images, and maintains primarily Windows and Macintosh machines and provides essential training for program participants.  By providing access to technology, this program connects employees to resources and enables them to further develop their computer skills and expand their knowledge in ways that benefit both the employee and the NC State campus community. 

Functions provided by committee members include imaging the computers, updating the program participant list, maintaining inventory, training participants, and promoting the program to campus.

Committee Members

  • Pam Van Emden
  • Jessica Anderson
  • Tricia Cage
  • Beth Milchuck
  • Brendan Riddle
  • Kay Sun
  • Jude Desnoyer
  • Claudia Kearney

Diversity and Inclusion

Latoya Giles


The Diversity and Inclusion committee promotes and encourages inclusivity and diversity throughout campus in order to make all members of the NC State community feel welcome, safe, and validated.

Committee Members

  • Latoya Giles
  • Gerald Cobb
  • Ryan Hutchinson
  • B. Marie King
  • Brigitte Perry
  • Alex Sanchez Vargas
  • Quashon Bunch
  • Charrisa Puryear
  • John Abbatoy
  • Gabriella Ferguson
  • Brandon Garrett

Employee Experience and Relations

James Hewitt


The Employee Relations and Experience committee addresses concerns and works with university departments to revisit and/or clarify university policies and procedures affecting the NC State staff experience and employment satisfaction, while taking actions to meet the evolving needs of the university employees.

Committee Members

  • James Hewitt
  • Daryl Anderson
  • E. Cheri Bennett
  • James Draper
  • Adrienne Ellis
  • Jaclyn Johnson
  • Tamara Bagelberg
  • Christopher Resh
  • Mary Hicks
  • Lori Davis
  • Trish Palmar

External Affairs

Tracy Brown


The External Affairs committee raises the consciousness of university staff as to how they are affected by actions at the state, federal, and international levels.

Committee Members

  • Tracy Brown
  • Ashley Arya
  • Pamela Beaman
  • Stefanie Guarinello
  • Kasey Harris
  • James McDonald
  • Nikki Evans


Arlene Mabry


The Governance/Elections committee reviews proposed changes to the bylaws, preparing recommendations as deemed appropriate; accepts nominations for the Staff Senate elections; creates, disburses, and tallies ballots; and renders the final election results to the elected and Senate body.

Committee Members

  • Arlene Mabry
  • Beth Cloninger
  • Kenny Ferguson
  • Asia Gray-Battle
  • Alexis Lockett
  • Zach Wenning
  • Flip Fierro
  • Cordella Rashid
  • Michelle Healey

Resources and Environment

Maria Limmen


The Resources and Environment committee shall be to make recommendations to the Staff Senate regarding the campus environment, air quality, and sustainability issues. The committee shall inform and educate the campus body about sustainability best practices in a way that builds awareness and involvement.

Committee Members

  • Maria Limmen
  • Brittany Bell
  • Kirsten Hoeflaken
  • Maria Rice
  • Beth Rosen
  • Susan Uy
  • Karl Whetzel
  • Laura Riddle
  • Kedong Da
  • Jill Anderson