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Holiday Energy Savings Initiative Explained

Join the Staff Senate in a zoom discussion about Energy Savings with Energy Management. Learn how NC State saves over breaks!

Winter Farmers Market Tour

The Resource and Environment committee invites you to explore the NC State Farmers Market, and showcasing NC vendors of Frasier Firs, and other unique offerings on December 2 at 10:00 am.

Compost Facility Tour

Have you ever wondered where your compostable items go after you put them in the compost bins? Join us for a tour of the Compost Facility and Research Cooperative, and learn about NC State's closed-loop organic waste management system!

Energy Week 2021: Centennial Campus Utility Plant Tour

What does it take to power Centennial Campus? NC State Facilities Division staff will take you behind the scenes at the Centennial Campus Utility Plant. Learn how NC State generates energy on-site and reduces energy costs.