June 2022 Constituent Update

Here are updates from the June 1, 2022 Staff Senate general session:

Chair’s Report

Helen DiPietro, Chair, Staff Senate

Final report included a summary of the year “Working together to make the impossible possible. Collaborate-Innovate-Transform” Chair DiPietro highlighted many of the senate’s accomplishments this term. The Chair shared that the Board of Governors authorized, but provided no guidance on eight hours bonus leave for those with boosters, an annual merit raises process that would be funded out of department/college budgets, not the legislature, and sign-on and retention bonuses that are funded internally and without legislative support. Chair DiPietro shared that Kim McAllister has resigned her Chair Elect position June 30 and that the next Chair Elect will become Chair on July 1, 2022.

Chair DiPietro thanks you all for a  great year.

Presentation of Graduate Student Bill of Rights

Deveshwar Hariharan, President Graduate Student Association

Dr. Peter Harries, Dean, Graduate School

President Hariharan shared that the document was written over the past two years, and was an idea that came from the previous GSA President. The idea is to formalize what is acceptable in terms of what to expect and what is expected of graduate students as they go through their graduate education. The document lays out standards across the entire graduate space across campus to create norms and a healthier overall graduate community. The document helps not only international, but domestic students understand the doctoral education process. The document has gone through several revisions and has been passed by Graduate Student Association and Faculty Senate. The next steps are to pass through the Staff Senate, the Board of Trustees, and ultimately have the document become part of the Graduate Student Handbook. There was a question about highlighting the role staff play in the graduate student progress. A motion was made to support the Bill of Rights, and the motion was fully approved.

Officer/Chair Elections

Officer Elections took place for the executive committee and were filled for the next term. Congratulations to our new Chair, Jill Phipps and Chair-Elect, Alan Porch.

Committee Chairs were elected for the new senate term. Some vacancies still exist, but there will be additional elections at the retreat in July. 

By Law changes

The Bylaws change was approved unanimously.

Senator Recognition
A special presentation was made to our retiring Faculty and Staff ombuds, Roy Baroff.

Senators that are completing terms received certificates. Other leaders within Staff Senate were recognized with ‘Head of the Pack’ awards

Four employees that were not Senators were also recognized for their contributions to Staff Senate. Thank you to Rhonda Greene, Everett Allen, Joey Brooks, and Michelle Jones.

Old Business/New Business

Thanks to the hard work of Vice Chair Jill Phipps, the speed bumps that are on Morrill Drive will be painted this summer!

Senators Gerald Cobb, District-51 and Jameco McKenzie, District-24 will be representing NC State presenting at the July 20, 2022 Cooperative Raleigh Colleges conference.

There will be a Juneteenth celebration on June 20 between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM with Food Trucks and a speaker at Harris Field in front of the African American Cultural Center on campus.

Pollinator week is coming up June 20 through 23 with activities daily.

Ongoing Reminders: 

Computer Loan Program

The Computer Loan Program is constantly interested in acquiring more laptop computers to use for the program. The program utilizes computers that are not End of Life (EOL) to give employees that meet the criteria the opportunity to check-out a computer and build their computer skills. If your unit or department is considering surplusing computers that are not EOL-consider sending those computers to the Computer Loan Program. The Program may even be able to accept your gently used personal computer, if it’s not considered EOL, too! If you have computers to donate, please contact computerloan@ncsu.edu

Faculty & Staff Ombuds Office

Roy Baroff, NC State Faculty & Staff Ombuds

Please feel free to reach out for any help or guidance concerning key areas of how to navigate/empower/connect/coach. Roy is available at 919-515-7685 until June 30, 2022, when he retires.

Please stay tuned for information on the next Staff Senate general session. General Sessions are open to all NC State staff.  Contact your staff senator for the meeting information as we draw closer to the meeting date. 

We are happy for the opportunity to serve you in the Staff Senate. If you should have any questions or concerns you would like Staff Senate to address, please feel free to contact your District Staff Senators: https://staffsenate.ncsu.edu/about/find-your-senator/ 

Please click here to watch the recording for June.