September 2021 Constituent Updates

Here are some updates from the September 1, 2021 Staff Senate general session:

Administrative Update 

Ursula Hairston, Assistant Vice Chancellor for HR Strategy

AVC Hairston shared background information on the pending Flexible Work Arrangement Regulation. The specifics of the regulation and its companion documents will be shared with the broader campus community in October. The University Regulation (REG) will provide the basic framework for flexible work options to enhance productivity and allow units to set up arrangements that make the most sense for the operational success of the units while allowing for greater flexibility for staff. . The regulation will not guarantee or create a right for flexible scheduling, but there may be opportunities that may not be the same for each employee. The regulation is about options and creating flexibility and any arrangements will be reviewed annually.

Transportation Appeals System

Kathy Froelich, Appeals Officer, NC State Transportation

Kathy Froehlich provided a little bit of background on the appeals process for parking tickets on campus. Each month Kathy convenes a group that includes one staff member, one faculty member and two students to consider appeals for parking violations. Each appeal receives no more than 15-minutes for the full appeals process. If there are no appeals, Kathy and the group may discuss parking issues.  Kathy successfully solicited additional volunteers from the Staff Senate to participate in the appeals process.

Alumni Relations Update

Benny Suggs, Associate Vice Chancellor of Alumni Relations

Jesse Thill, Associate Executive Director of Membership and Affinity Partnerships

NC State’s Alumni Association isn’t just for those that have attended NC State, it’s for everyone at NC State. AVC Suggs wanted to make sure everyone knows that you just have to be a friend of NC State to join the NC State Alumni Association. AVC Suggs talked through how the Alumni association is funded, how they differ from other associations and how each of the over 22-thousand members is connected. AVC Suggs spoke on the Caldwell Fellows program as well the many other scholarships, programs, initiatives, connections and affinity groups that make up the NC State Alumni Association. Jesse Thill was there for the membership hard sell—encouraging people to join for the reasons that most speak to them. There are many different price and membership options you can choose from on the Alumni Associations’ website. One of the new initiatives Jesse shared included a new platform that was just launched called Ask the Pack: Students or alums can ask a question that will be sent into the system, an AI will identify the eight to ten best alums to ask, and those alumni will have the opportunity to respond. It’s a casual mentoring network that is building new connections. There are other membership perks you can find online or on the app you can download from the App Store.

Chair’s Report

Helen DiPietro, Chair, Staff Senate

A senator’s question to University HR was able to get the COVID-19 Shared Leave Bank reinstated. They are not accepting new donations of time and will use the existing donated time for all new requests.

If you are interested in applying for the Janet B Royster scholarship, don’t wait until the last minute, there are a lot of forms that you will need to complete, so don’t wait!  This scholarship is funded by the Chancellor’s Cup Golf Tournament, and that’s coming up soon.

Computer Loan Program

The Computer Loan Program is constantly interested in acquiring more laptop computers to use for the program. The program utilizes computers that are not End of Life (EOL) to give employees that meet the criteria the opportunity to check-out a computer and build their computer skills. If your unit or department is considering surplusing computers that are not EOL-consider sending those computers to the Computer Loan Program. The Program may even be able to accept your gently used personal computer, if it’s not considered EOL, too! If you have computers to donate, please contact

Faculty & Staff Ombuds Office

Roy Baroff, NC State Faculty & Staff Ombuds

Please feel free to reach out for any help or guidance concerning key areas of how to navigate/empower/connect/coach. Roy is available at 919-515-7685.

Please join us for the next Staff Senate general session on October 6, 2021, from 10 a.m.- 12 p.m. via secure Zoom or in-person in Talley Student Union. General Sessions are open to all NC State staff.  Contact your staff senator for the Zoom meeting link as we draw closer to the meeting date. 

We are happy for the opportunity to serve you in the Staff Senate. If you should have any questions or concerns you would like Staff Senate to address, please feel free to contact your District Staff Senators: