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Finding Common Ground and Building Bridges

The National Coalition Building Institute has two free workshops offered on REPORTER this fall. One teaches participants skills to handle tough interpersonal and intergroup conflicts,...

Yoga Returns to Centennial Campus

Are you looking for a break during the work day? Then a relaxing yoga class on Centennial Campus might be for you.

NC State Players See Wins at Chancellor’s Cup Golf Tournament

NC State participated in the 9th Annual Chancellor's Cup Golf Tournament. The tournament raises money for staff scholarships at the 17 UNC  system institutions, and are used for degree programs or professional development.

CCGT Staff Teams registration link is now live

The registration link for the Staff Teams to participate in the Chancellor’s Cup Golf Tournament (CCGT) is now open.  We only have availability for THREE STAFF...
toys for tots billboard

2019 Toys-for-Tots Toy Drive

The holidays are the most challenging financial times for many families. To help out, we are collecting toys to donate to Toys for Tots. Please...
Take Back the Night / April 2, 2019, 6 p.m. / Stafford Commons

Take Back the Night – April 2

NC State’s annual Take Back the Night is an event that reclaims the night and our campus for survivors of sexual assault. This year’s event...