Meeting of May 5, 2021


10:00 a.m.Call to orderPat Gaddy, Chair
10:05 a.m.Roll call/meeting minutes approvalPeter Dickerson, Parliamentarian
10:10 a.m.Bereavement LeaveHelen DiPietro, Chair Elect
10:20 a.m.Chair’s ReportPat Gaddy, Chair
10:30 a.m.Legislative UpdateJulie Smith, AVC for External Affairs, Partnership and Economic Development
11:00 a.m.Returning to campusChancellor Woodson
Provost Arden
Mr. Charles Maimone, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
11:45 a.m.Committee ReportsCommunications – Christenna Hutchins
Community Service & Engagement – Allen Thompson
Computer Loan Program – Joe Sutton
Diversity & Inclusion – Jill Phipps
Employee Experience & Relations – Dana DiMaio
External Affairs – Kim McAllister
Governance – Tracy Brown
Resources & Environment – Adam Bensley
11:50 a.m.Old BusinessPat Gaddy, Chair
11:55 a.m.New BusinessPat Gaddy, Chair